APPC12 Program

Topical Session

A1-1: Spintronics, Magnetism, and Topological Insulators (1)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Yoshichika Otani
Room: 201A
A1-1-I1 Interface Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects in Magnetic Bilayers (30 min.) Kyoung-Whan Kim
A1-1-O1 Spin-Orbital Superstructure in Strained Ferrimagnetic Perovskite Cobalt Oxide (15 min.) Jun Fujioka
A1-1-O2 Emergence of Topologically Stable Dirac Dispersions in a Fermionic Shastry-Sutherland Model (15 min.) Toshikaze Kariyado
A1-1-O3 Higgs Transition in Quantum Spin Ice (15 min.) Shigeki Onoda
A1-1-O4 Neutron Diffraction in High Magnetic Fields on Frustrated Systems (15 min.) Hiroyuki Nojiri
A1-1-O5 Adler-Bell-Jackiw Anomaly in Dirac Metal Bi0.97Sb0.03 Single Crystals (15 min.) Heon-Jung Kim
A1-1-O6 Structures and Magnetic Properties of A2CoOsO6-x (A=Ca and Sr) (15 min.) Hai Feng
A1-1-O7 From Graphene to Silicene: A New 2-D Topological Insulator (15 min.) Motohiko Ezawa


A1-2: Spintronics, Magnetism, and Topological Insulators (2)
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Yuzo Ohno
Room: 201A
A1-2-I1 Giant Magnetoresistance in Silicon (30 min.) Xiaozhong Zhang
A1-2-O1 Repulsive Rashba-Coupled Fermi Gases (15 min.) Manuel Valiente
A1-2-O2 Polarity Reversal of Tunnel Magnetoresistance Observed in Lateral Co-Al-Co Single-Electron Transistor (15 min.) Masashi Takiguchi
A1-2-O3 Excitation of Spin Wave in Bismuth Ferrite Film (15 min.) Jauyn Grace Lin
A1-2-O4 Magnetization Reversal in Patterned Ni80Fe20/Cu/ Ni80Fe20 Spin Valves (15 min.) Shih-Ying Hsu
A1-2-O5 Long-Range Spin Current and Spin-Charge Separation of Spin-Triplet Cooper Pair in a Ferromagnetic Josephson Junction (15 min.) Shin-ichi Hikino
A1-2-O6 A Self-Emissivity-Controlling Radiator for Spacecrafts by Making Use of a Metal-Insulator Transition in Magnetoresistive Manganites (15 min.) Kosuke Tanaka
A1-2-O7 Colossal Magnetoresistance and Magnetism in NaCr2O4 (15 min.) Hiroya Sakurai


A2-1: Solid-State Quantum Physics and Devices (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Kohei M. Itoh
Room: 302
A2-1-I1 Single-Atom Spin Qubits in Silicon (30 min.) Andrea Morello
A2-1-I2 Spin Transport and Manipulation by Surface Acoustic Waves (30 min.) Tetsuomi Sogawa
A2-1-O1 Coherent Control and Electrical Read Out of Nuclear Spins in Silicon Using Electron Spin Pairs (15 min.) David Paul Franke
A2-1-O2 Power Dependence of Electric Dipole Spin Resonance (15 min.) Yasuhiro Tokura
A2-1-O3 Cooper Pair Splitting in Parallel Quantum Dot Josephson Junctions (15 min.) Russell Deacon
A2-1-O4 Effect of Spin-Orbit Interaction on Supercurrent in Semiconductor Nanowire (15 min.) Tomohiro Yokoyama


A2-2: Solid-State Quantum Physics and Devices (2)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Tetsuomi Sogawa
Room: 302
A2-2-I1 Thin Channel InAs Quantum Well Device for Tera Hertz and Post CMOS Applications (30 min.) Edwrad Yi Chang
A2-2-I2 Silicon-Based Tunneling Field Effect Transistors for Ultra-Low Power Applications (30 min.) Byung-Gook Park
A2-2-O1 The Enhanced Anti-Reflectivity on the Surface of Silicon Crystal Solar Cell by Thermal Annealing Treatment (15 min.) Wei-Cheng Lin
A2-2-O2 Photoexcited Carrier Dynamics of Multilayered Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells (15 min.) Taro Toyoda
A2-2-O3 Photoexcited Electron and Hole Dynamics in Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Phonon-Induced Relaxation, Multiple Exciton Generation and Recombination (15 min.) Hyeon-Deuk Kim
A2-2-O4 Parallel Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation on Ionic Migrations and Chemical Reactions in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (15 min.) Tomofumi Tada


A2-3: Solid-State Quantum Physics and Devices (3)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Akira Fujiwara
Room: 302
A2-3-O1 Exotic Quantum Phenomena in the Spin Nanotubes (15 min.) Toru Sakai
A2-3-O2 Identifying Noise Processes in Superconducting Resonators (15 min.) Yuichi Harada
A2-3-O3 Magnetic Characteristics of Josephson Junctions with Ferromagnetic Layer (15 min.) Michiyasu Mori
A2-3-O4 Relations between Critical Temperatures and Crystallographic Local Structures in Iron-Based Mixed Anion Compounds (15 min.) Yoichi Kamihara
A2-3-O5 Electron Spin Resonance Measurement of Sapphire for KAGRA Mirrors (15 min.) Nobuhiro Fukumoto
A2-3-O6 First Principles XPS Calculation for the B Defects in SiC (15 min.) Naoki Matsushima
A2-3-O7 The Action of the Grain Boundary to the Narrowing Rate of Gold Nanowires by Electromigration (15 min.) Yosuke Murakami
A2-3-O8 Fluctuation-Induced Tunneling Conduction in Micrometer-Sized Planar Tunnel Junctions (15 min.) Yong-Han Lin


A3-1: Graphene and Other Carbon-Based Materials (1)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Susumu Saito
Room: 101
A3-1-I1 Theory of Dirac Electrons in Graphene: Minimum Conductivity and Weak-Field Hall Effect (30 min.) Tsuneya Ando
A3-1-I2 Important Role of Edge Geometry and Chemical Structure in the Electronic Structure of Nanographene (30 min.) Toshiaki Enoki
A3-1-O1 Magneto-Resistance Study in MWNT (15 min.) Yuichi Ochiai
A3-1-O2 Direct Observation of the Electron-Phonon Scattering in Graphite by Using the Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (15 min.) Shin-ichiro Tanaka
A3-1-O3 Transport Spectroscopy of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC Using Quantum Capacitances (15 min.) Keiko Takase
A3-1-O4 Chiral Transport of Carbon and BN Nanotubes (15 min.) Junya Tanaka


A3-2: Graphene and Other Carbon-Based Materials (2)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Yoshikazu Nakayama
Room: 101
A3-2-I1 Graphene vs Carbon Nanotubes in Electronics (30 min.) Young Hee Lee
A3-2-I2 Novel Functionalities in Carbon-Nanotube Devices (30 min.) Taishi Takenobu
A3-2-O1 Flexible, Stretchable MoS2 Thin-Film Transistors with Ion-Gel Gate Dielectrics (15 min.) Jiang Pu
A3-2-O2 All-Carbon Thin-Film Transistors and Integrated Circuits for Flexible and Transparent Electronics (15 min.) Yutaka Ohno
A3-2-O3 Modification of Dirac Point in Graphene-Based Field Effect Transistor by Nitrogen-Doping (15 min.) Hsuan-Chen Chang
A3-2-O4 Electronic Structures of Carbon Impurity in h-BN Monolayers (15 min.) Yoshitaka Fujimoto


A3-3: Graphene and Other Carbon-Based Materials (3)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Young Hee Lee
Room: 101
A3-3-I1 Hierarchical sp2 Carbon Curvature Structure and Its Application in Energy Storage (30 min.) Fei Wei
A3-3-I2 Carbon Nanotube Electromechanical Devices (30 min.) Yoshikazu Nakayama
A3-3-O1 Controlled Oxidation of Epitaxial Graphene on Si-Face SiC Substrate (15 min.) Md Zakir Hossain
A3-3-O2 Chiral Symmetry and Spin-Unpolarized ν=0 State in Graphene in Magnetic Fields (15 min.) Yuji Hamamoto
A3-3-O3 Analysis of Sputtering Amorphous Carbon Nanorod and Its Electrochemical Characterization (15 min.) Hsin-Yueh Chang
A3-3-O4 Crystallographic and Chemical Modification of Carbon Nanowalls by Radical Oxidation (15 min.) Hironao Shimoeda


A3-4: Graphene and Other Carbon-Based Materials (4)
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Yutaka Ohno, Kazunari Matsuda
Room: 101
A3-4-I1 Graphene Systems with External Perturbations (30 min.) Young-Woo Son
A3-4-I2 Novel Excitonic Properties of Nano-Carbon Materials Studied by Advanced Optical Spectroscopy (30 min.) Kazunari Matsuda
A3-4-O1 Patterns of Field Electron Emission from Carbon Nanotubes: Ab Initio Simulations by Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory (15 min.) Chunping Hu
A3-4-O2 Optical Absorption and Emission Properties in Small-Diameter Carbon Nanotubes (15 min.) Takashi Koretsune
A3-4-O3 Raman Spectroscopy of Single- and Bi-Layer Graphene under Strain (15 min.) Hyeonsik Cheong
A3-4-O4 Microstructure Evolution of Diazonium Functionalized Graphene: A Potential Approach to Change Graphene Electronic Structure (15 min.) Xueyun Gao
A3-4-O5 Probing Characteristics of Si(111) Surface with Embedded Fullerene Molecules via Scanning Probe Microscopy (15 min.) Mon-Shu Ho
A3-4-O6 Characterization of Dimers in Graphene Flakes (15 min.) Daichi Seki
A3-4-O7 Density of New Dirac Cones of Graphene Superlattice with Double-Periodic and Quasiperiodic Potentials (15 min.) Masayuki Tashima


A4-1: Oxides and Novel Low-dimensional and Nano-structured Materials (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Tomofumi Susaki
Room: 101
A4-1-I1 Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopic Study on Nanostructured Oxide and 2-D Materials (30 min.) Minn-Tsong Lin
A4-1-I2 Unusual Behavior of the Subbands in Strongly-Correlated Oxide Quantum Well Structures (30 min.) Hiroshi Kumigashira
A4-1-O1 Pyroelectric Response of an Fe3O4/Nb:SrTiO3 Interface (15 min.) Ryota Takahashi
A4-1-O2 Evolution of Fe K-alpha1,2 Emission Spectra in Fe3O4 around Thresholds (15 min.) Sei Fukushima
A4-1-O3 Potential Distribution at Pt/SrTiO3 Interface Determined by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (15 min.) Naoki Ohashi
A4-1-O4 Point Defects in SrTio3: New Insights from First-Principles Calculations (15 min.) Fumiyasu Oba


A4-2: Oxides and Novel Low-dimensional and Nano-structured Materials (2)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Minn-Tsong Lin
Room: 101
A4-2-I3 Physical Properties of Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in Bulk [Ca2N]+e- 2D Electride (30 min.) SungWng Kim
A4-2-I4 Novel Quantum Transport Phenomena at the MgZnO/ZnO Interface (30 min.) Yusuke Kozuka
A4-2-O1 MoS2 Nanoribbon: Effects of Edge and Strain on Its Electronic and Magnetic Properties (15 min.) Hui Pan
A4-2-O2 From Germanene Monolayer to Multilayers : First-Principles Calculations (15 min.) Florian Gimbert
A4-2-O3 Strong Vortex Pinning and Isotropic Critical Current Properties of Iron-Based Superconductor BaFe2(As,P)2 Epitaxial Film (15 min.) Hikaru Sato
A4-2-O4 Work Function Control in Oxide Thin Films (15 min.) Tomofumi Susaki


A4-3: Oxides and Novel Low-dimensional and Nano-structured Materials (3)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: SungWng Kim
Room: 101
A4-3-I5 Manipulation and Characterization of Graphene Using Atomic Force Microscope (30 min.) Bae Ho Park
A4-3-I6 Metal Oxide Nanowires: Creation and the Memristive Properties (30 min.) Takeshi Yanagida
A4-3-O1 Synthesis, Characterization and Coating of Multiwalled Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanotubes (15 min.) Cengiz Kaya
A4-3-O2 Effect of Aluminum Nano Structures on Optoelectronics and Structural Properties of AZO Layer with Various Substrate Heating (15 min.) Ci-Sheng Cai
A4-3-O3 First-Principles Transport Modeling for Metal/Insulator/Metal Structures (15 min.) Takehide Miyazaki
A4-3-O4 Dielectric Property and Linear Stringing Behavior of Low/High Permittivity Core/Shell SiO2/Au Nanoparticle Microspheres for Display Fluid System (15 min.) Jem-Kun Chen


A4-4: Oxides and Novel Low-dimensional and Nano-structured Materials (4)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Toshio Kamiya
Room: 101
A4-4-I7 Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Photo-Transistor (30 min.) Sanghun Jeon
A4-4-O1 Thickness Dependence of Excitonic Spectra in Cu2O Thin Films Sandwiched by MgO Plates (15 min.) Shingo Aihara
A4-4-O2 Study of Photoluminescence Spetra of Silicon Nitride/Silicon Superlattice Structures (15 min.) Shu-Fen Hu
A4-4-O3 Optical Cavity with a GaN Nanodisk (15 min.) Tetsuya Kouno
A4-4-O4 Pressure-Induced Effects on Lattice-Dynamical and Electronic Properties of TiO2 Polymorphs (15 min.) Yuta Aoki
A4-4-O5 Charge Ordering in the Various Ground States of the Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Conductors (TMTTF)2X (15 min.) Noriaki Matsunaga
A4-4-O6 Role of the Anion Ordering in the Field Induced SDW Phase (15 min.) Takaaki Minamidate


A5-1: Low Temperature Physics (1)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Akira Furusaki
Room: 304
A5-1-I1 Large Scale Mesoscopic Transport in Nanostructured Graphene (30 min.) Ping Sheng
A5-1-I2 Weak Antilocalization in Topological Insulator Bi2Te3 Microflakes (30 min.) Juhn-Jong Lin
A5-1-I3 Topology-Driven Magnetic Quantum Phase Transition in Topological Insulators (30 min.) Ke He
A5-1-O1 Quantum Hall Effect in Molecular Dirac Fermion Systems (15 min.) Takahiro Yamauchi
A5-1-O2 Universality of Low-Temperature Excess Heat Capasity in Oxide Glasses: A Scaling Feature (15 min.) Kensaku Nakamura


A5-2: Low Temperature Physics (2)
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Keiya Shirahama
Room: 304
A5-2-I1 Chiral Thermoelectric Transport in Graphene in the Quantum Hall Regime (30 min.) Hu-Jong Lee
A5-2-O1 The Ground State with the Finite Thickness Effect at Nu=7/3,8/3 in the N=1 Landau Level. (15 min.) Toru Ito
A5-2-I2 Supersolidity and Plasticity of Solid Helium at Low Temperatures (30 min.) Eunseong Kim
A5-2-O2 Confinement Effect on Electron Transport of Wigner Solid on Liquid He (15 min.) Niyaz Beysengulov
A5-2-O3 Single-Particle Excitations and Hetero-Pairing Effects in an Ultracold Fermi Gas with Mass Imbalance (15 min.) Ryo Hanai
A5-2-O4 Unconventional Triplet Pairing and Effects of Fermi Surface Deformation in a Gas of Polarized Dipolar Fermi Molecules (15 min.) Yuki Endo


A6-1: Electron Correlation and Superconductivity (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Kazuo Ueda
Room: 201A
A6-1-I1 Low-Energy Excitations in Multiferroics (30 min.) Taka-hisa Arima
A6-1-I3 Electrical Control of Large Bulk Magnetization in Helimagnets
Electrical Control of Large Bulk Magnetization in Helimagnets (30 min.)
Kee Hoon Kim
A6-1-O1 Nonreciprocal Directional Dichroism and Toroidalmagnons in Multiferroic Materials (15 min.) Nobuo Furukawa
A6-1-O2 Magnetic-Field Induced Phase Transition of Multiferroic NaFeGe2O6 (15 min.) Nobuyuki Abe
A6-1-I2 Periodic Domains in Multiferroic BiFeO3 Thin Films (30 min.) Ying-Hao Chu


A6-2: Electron Correlation and Superconductivity (2)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Setsuko Tajima
Room: 201A
A6-2-I1 Role of Dxy Orbital in Iron Pnictide Superconductivity : Comparative Electronic Structure Studies on Lifeas and Sr2VO3FeAs (30 min.) Changyoung Kim
A6-2-I2 Competition between Multiple Spin Fluctuation Modes in the Iron-Based Superconductors (30 min.) Kazuhiko Kuroki
A6-2-O2 Suppression of Superconductivity Due to Antiferromagnetic Order around x = 0.5 - 0.7 in LaFeP1-xAsxO0.95F0.05 (15 min.) Kwing To Lai
A6-2-O3 NMR Studies on La-Fe-As-O Based high-Tc Superconductors (15 min.) Hidekazu Mukuda
A6-2-O4 Superconductivity in Bismuth Oxysulfide Bi4O4S3 (15 min.) Sathish C I
A6-2-O5 Spin-Triplet Superconductivity Induced by Longituidinal Ferromagnetic Fluctuations in UCoGe (15 min.) Kenji Ishida


A7-1: Quantum Information and Statistical Physics (1)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Hyunggyu Park
Room: 201B
A7-1-I1 Roles of Bond Orientational Ordering in Glassy Slow Dynamics and Crystal Nucleation of Hard-Sphere Liquids (30 min.) Hajime Tanaka
A7-1-I2 Anomalous Thermal Conduction and Anomalous Diffusion in Nanowires, Nanotubes, and Graphene (30 min.) Baowen Li
A7-1-O1 Similarity Solutions of Fokker-Planck Equation with Time-Dependent Coefficients and Fixed/Moving Boundaries (15 min.) Choon-Lin Ho
A7-1-O2 Second-Order Phase Transition in Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Model on Triangular Lattice (15 min.) Ryo Tamura
A7-1-O3 Mapping of a Diffusion Model on an Online Social Network to a Non-Hermitian Quantum Chain (15 min.) Tatsuro Kawamoto
A7-1-O4 Numerical Analysis of Quantum Phase Transitions with Dynamic Control of Anisotropy (15 min.) Shinya Yasuda


A7-2: Quantum Information and Statistical Physics (2)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Baowen Li
Room: 201B
A7-2-I1 Topological Entanglement Entropy of Systems on Nontrivial Geometries and Minimum Entropy States (30 min.) Masaki Oshikawa
A7-2-I2 Entropy Production and Thermodynamic 2nd Laws (30 min.) Hyunggyu Park
A7-2-O1 Variational Principles on Nonlinear Responses and Path-Integral Quantization of Dissipative Dynamics (15 min.) Masuo Suzuki
A7-2-O2 Thermodynamic Bounds of Efficiency for Systems Without Time-Reversal Symmetry (15 min.) Keiji Saito
A7-2-O3 A New Second Law of Information Thermodynamics Using Entanglement Measure (15 min.) Hiroyasu Tajima
A7-2-O4 Path-Integral Monte Carlo for the Local Z2 Berry Phase (15 min.) Yuichi Motoyama


A7-3: Quantum Information and Statistical Physics (3)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Masuo Suzuki
Room: 201B
A7-3-I1 Decoherence-Free Linear Quantum Systems (30 min.) Naoki Yamamoto
A7-3-I2 Quantum Information Processing with Diamond (30 min.) Renbao Liu
A7-3-O1 Arbitrary Dimensional Quantum State Transfer Through a Spin Chain (15 min.) Wei Qin
A7-3-O2 Entanglement Properties of Two-Dimensional Quantum Systems (15 min.) Shu Tanaka
A7-3-O3 Nonclasscial Interference between Independent Photon Sources at Telecom Wavelength with Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors (15 min.) Rui-Bo Jin
A7-3-O4 Intensity Correlation Imaging--Recent Advances and Applications (15 min.) Ling-An Wu


A2&H-1: Soft-matter & Biophysics
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Masako Takasu
Room: 302
A2&H-1-I1 Traveling Waves and Instabilities in an Expanding Bacterial Population (30 min.) Lei-Han Tang
A2&H-1-O1 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of One-, Two-, Three-Dimensional Hopping Dynamics. (15 min.) Keiko M. Aoki
A2&H-1-O2 A Practical Method to Estimate Linear Viscoelasticity of Polymer Melts in Molecular Dynamics Simulations (15 min.) Nobuyuki Iwaoka
A2&H-1-O3 Mechanical Property of Intrinsically Curved Semiflexible Biopolymers (15 min.) Zicong Zhou
A2&H-1-O4 On Hydration Repulsive Forces between Various Phospholipid Bilayers (15 min.) Hiroshi Takahashi
A2&H-1-O5 Surface Friction of Double Network Gels and Shape Memory Gels (15 min.) Masato Wada
A2&H-1-O6 Evidence of Epitaxial Growth of Molecular Layers of Dissolved Gas at a Hydrophobic/Water Interface (15 min.) Ing-Shouh Hwang


B1-1: Particle Physics (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Katuo Tokushuku
Room: 201B
B1-1-I1 Recent Results from ATLAS (20 min.) Paul Jackson
B1-1-I2 Recent Results from CMS (20 min.) Tae Jeong Kim
B1-1-O1 Standard Model Higgs Results from Tevatron mostly on VH to a Pair of b-jets channel (20 min.) Ryuji Yamada
B1-1-O2 Sine Square Deformation and String Theory (15 min.) Tsukasa Tada
B1-1-O3 Quantum Fluctuations of Particles and Fields in Smooth Path Integrals (15 min.) Takayasu Sekihara
B1-1-O4 Higgs Self Coupling Analysis at ILC (15 min.) Masakazu Kurata
B1-1-O5 Higgs Branching Ratio Measurements at the ILC (15 min.) Hiroaki Ono


B1-2: Particle Physics (2) followed by B1&4-0: Astroparticle Physics
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Yutaka Ushiroda
Room: 201B
B1-2-I1 Flavor Physics (25 min.) Ryuichiro Kitano
B1-2-I2 Flavor Physics Experiments (20 min.) Yee Bob Hsiung
B1-2-I3 B Physics Experiments (15 min.) Koji Hara
B1-2-I4 B Factory and Tau Lepton Flavor Physics (15 min.) Kiyoshi Hayasaka
B1-2-O1 Recent Progress in the BEPC II accelerator and the BES III experiment (15 min.) Chuang Zhang
B1-2-O2 Status of the K0TO Experiment at J-PARC (15 min.) Toru Matsumura
B1-2-O3 Status of the COMET Experiment at J-PARC (15 min.) Nam Hoai Tran
B1-2-I5 Recent Results from AMS (30 min.) Sadakazu Haino


B1-3: Particle Physics (3)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Tsuyoshi Nakaya
Room: 301AB
B1-3-I1 Measurement of the Neutrino Mixing Angle Theta13 at Daya Bay (21 min.) Jun Cao
B1-3-I2 New Results from RENO (13 min.) June Ho Choi
B1-3-O1 Measurement of the Mixing Angle θ13 in the Double Chooz Experiment (13 min.) Fumitaka Sato
B1-3-O2 T2K Experiment (15 min.) Shunichi Mine
B1-3-O3 Study of Neutrino Oscillations in the OPERA Experiment (15 min.) Tomokazu Matsuo
B1-3-O4 Latest Results from Super-Kamiokande (15 min.) Hirokazu Ishino
B1-3-O5 The Hyper-Kamiokande Project (13 min.) Akihiro Minamino
B1-3-O6 Recent Results from KamLAND (15 min.) Masashi Otani


B2-1: Nuclear Physics (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Tohru Motobayashi
Room: 301AB
B2-1-I1 Structure Evolutions in Exotic Nuclei (30 min.) Takaharu Otsuka
B2-1-I2 The Ground State Structure of 8he Probed by the Knockout Reaction (30 min.) Yanlin Ye
B2-1-O1 Collectivity of the Neutron-Rich Pd Isotopes Towards N=82 (15 min.) He Wang
B2-1-O2 Electromagnetic Transition from the 4+ to 2+ Resonance in 8Be Measured Via the Radiative Capture in 4He+4He (15 min.) Vivek Datar
B2-1-O3 Shape Coexistence and Non-Yrast States in Neutron-Rich N=28 Isootpes (15 min.) Masaaki Kimura
B2-1-O4 Spectroscopy of N = 20 - 28 Nuclei Near Neutron Drip-Line Via Breakup Reactions (15 min.) Nobuyuki Kobayashi


B2-2: Nuclear Physics (2)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Yanlin Ye
Room: 301AB
B2-2-I3 Status of Rare Isotope Science Project (30 min.) Sun Kee Kim
B2-2-I4 β-Decay Half-Lives in R-Process Nuclei by Deformed QRPA(DQRPA) (30 min.) Eunja Ha
B2-2-O1 Dineutron Correlation in 8He (15 min.) Fumiharu Kobayashi
B2-2-O2 Measurement of the 8He(p,n)8Li Reaction at Intermediate Energy In Inverse Kinematics (15 min.) Motoki Kobayashi
B2-2-O3 Systematic Study of Beta-Decay Half-Lives in the Vicinity of 78Ni (15 min.) Zhengyu Xu
B2-2-O4 Exotic Molecular Structures in Light Neutron-Excess Systems (15 min.) Makoto Ito


B2-3: Nuclear Physics (3)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Byungsik Hong
Room: 301AB
B2-3-I5 Recent Results of Mass Measurements of Short-Lived Nuclides at CSRe-Lanzhou (30 min.) Yu Hu Zhang
B2-3-I6 Experimental Researches on the Two-Proton Emissions from the Excited States of Proton-Rich Nuclei Close to the Drip-Line (30 min.) Chengjian Lin
B2-3-O1 SCRIT Electron Scattering Facility at RIKEN (15 min.) Shuo Wang
B2-3-O2 Anti-Analog Giant Dipole Resonance and the Neutron Skin in 208Pb (15 min.) Jumpei Yasuda
B2-3-O3 Complete Set of Deuteron Analyzing Powers for dp Elastic Scattering at Intermediate Energies and Three Nucleon Forces (15 min.) Kimiko Sekiguchi
B2-3-O4 Breakup Experiments at the SAMURAI Facility at RIBF (15 min.) Takashi Nakamura


B2-4: Nuclear Physics (4)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Yuhu Zhang
Room: 301AB
B2-4-I7 Super-Heavy Element Search at RIKEN (30 min.) Kosuke Morita
B2-4-I8 Plan for Nuclear Physics Experiments Using Rare Isotope Beams at RAON (30 min.) Byungsik Hong
B2-4-O1 Study of the Multi-Nucleon Transfer Reactions of 136Xe+198Pt for Producing Exotic Heavy Nuclei (15 min.) Yung Hee Kim
B2-4-O2 Pairing Effects in Nuclear Fusion Reaction (15 min.) Shuichiro Ebata
B2-4-O3 Fission of 210Po Formed Via Different Entrance Channels (15 min.) Kripamay Mahata
B2-4-O4 Fission Dynamics of Superheavy Compound Nuclei (15 min.) Yoritaka Iwata


B2-5: Nuclear Physics (5)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Hideyuki Sakai
Room: 102AB
B2-5-I9 Latest Results from the PHENIX Experiment in Transversely Polarized p+p Collisions at √s = 200 GeV (30 min.) Feng Wei
B2-5-O1 Flavor Structure of the Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors (15 min.) Hyun-Chul Kim
B2-5-O2 Azimuthal Angle Dependence of HBT Radii in Au+Au Collisions at RHIC-PHENIX (15 min.) Takafumi Niida
B2-5-O3 Two Color QCD Phase Diagram with Clover Improved Wilson Fermion (15 min.) Yuji Sakai
B2-5-O4 Double Neutral Pion Photoproduction with FOREST at ELPH (15 min.) Qinghua He
B2-5-O5 A Search for Deeply Bound Kaonic Nuclear States at J-PARC (15 min.) Makoto Tokuda


B2-6: Nuclear Physics (6)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Vivek Datar
Room: 301AB
B2-6-I10 Aspects of Nuclear Strangeness and the Cosmos: Baryon Sigma Terms and the Mass of the H Dibaryon (30 min.) Phiala E Shanahan
B2-6-I11 Effects of Density-Dependent Weak Form Factors and Final State Interaction for Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering in the Quasi-Elastic Region (30 min.) Kyungsik Kim
B2-6-O1 Generic Conditions for Stable Hybrid Stars (15 min.) Sophia Han
B2-6-O2 Asymmetric Neutrino Emission Process in Rapid Spin-Deceleration of Magnetized Proto-Neutron Stars (15 min.) Tomoyuki Maruyama
B2-6-O3 Hadron-Quark Crossover and Massive Hybrid Stars (15 min.) Kota Masuda
B2-6-O4 Studies of Exotic Hadrons by High-Energy Exclusive Reactions (15 min.) Shunzo Kumano


B2-7: Nuclear Physics (7)
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Hirokazu Tamura
Room: 301AB
B2-7-I12 Formation of Eta(958) Bound States in Nuclei (30 min.) Satoru Hirenzaki
B2-7-O1 Charmed and Bottom Nuclei and Kondo Problem (15 min.) Shigehiro Yasui
B2-7-O2 Contribution of Ν* and Δ* Resonances to Κ*Χ(1189) Photoproduction (15 min.) Sangho Kim
B2-7-O3 Coherent Λ-Σ Coupling in Neutron-Rich Hypernuclei, 6ΛH and 5ΛΛH (15 min.) Khin Swe Myint
B2-7-O4 Production of Neutron-Rich Hypernucleus 6ΛH by the (π-,K+) Reaction at J-PARC (15 min.) Hitoshi Sugimura
B2-7-O5 Recent Studies of the Strangeness Physics at MAMI-C (15 min.) Kyo Tsukada


B3-1: Atomic and Molecular Physics (1)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Haruka Maeda
Room: 202
B3-1-I1 Positron Interactions with Atoms and Molecules, New Results and Insights (30 min.) Stephen Buckman
B3-1-I2 Dynamics of Electron-Molecule Resonances Using Ion Momentum Imaging (30 min.) E. Krishnakumar
B3-1-O1 Second Order Born Effects in the Perpendicular Plane Ionization of Xe (5p) Atoms (15 min.) Ghanshyam Purohit
B3-1-O2 Photon-In, Photon-Out Gas-Phase Experiments at the SPring-8 Compact SASE Source SCSS (15 min.) James Harries
B3-1-O3 The Ka12 X-ray Line Widths in Ca ~ Ge Elements (15 min.) Yoshiaki Ito
B3-1-O4 Intramolecular Vibrational Energy Redistributions in Nanocarbons Controlled by Tailored Intense Near-Infrared Pulses (15 min.) Kaoru Yamazaki


B3-2: Atomic and Molecular Physics (2)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Stephen Buckman
Room: 202
B3-2-I3 Measuring Optical Lattice Clocks Using a Fiber-Type Frequency Comb (30 min.) Feng-Lei Hong
B3-2-I4 Quantum Simulation Using Ultracold Ytterbium Atoms in an Optical Lattice (30 min.) Yoshiro Takahashi
B3-2-I5 Theoretical Study of Multi-Component Bose and Fermi Gases (30 min.) Sungkit Yip
B3-2-O1 Observation of Spontaneous Quantum Fluctuations in Photon Absorption by Atoms (15 min.) Kenichiro Aoki
B3-2-O2 Development of Hg Optical Lattice Clocks (15 min.) Noriaki Ohmae


B4-1: Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Gravitation (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Jun'ichi Yokoyama
Room: 102AB
B4-1-I1 Unravelling the Physical Mechanisms That Drive Rapid Galaxy Evolution (30 min.) Warrick Couch
B4-1-O1 Anisotropic Clustering of the SDSS LRG as a Dual Probe of Growth of Structure and Cosmic Expansion (15 min.) Akira Oka
B4-1-O2 A New Concept of Transonic Galactic Outflows in a Cold Dark Matter Halo with a Central Super-Massive Black Hole (15 min.) Asuka Igarashi
B4-1-O3 Luminosity Evolution of Rotation-Powered, High-Energy Pulsars (15 min.) Kouichi Hirotani
B4-1-O4 SMILE-II: Balloon-Borne Telescope for Background-Suppressed Soft Gamma-Ray Imaging (15 min.) Tatsuya Sawano
B4-1-O5 Search for PeV-EeV Tau Neutrinos and Optical Transients from Violent Objects with Ashra-1 (15 min.) Makoto Sasaki
B4-1-O6 Ashra NTA: Towards Survey of Astronomical Tau Neutrino Sources (15 min.) George W.S. Hou


B4-2: Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Gravitation (2)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Sang Pyo Kim
Room: 102AB
B4-2-O1 Nuclear Weak Response and Supernova Nucleosynthesis (15 min.) Toshitaka Kajino
B4-2-I1 CMB B-Mode Polarization Experiments (30 min.) Masashi Hazumi
B4-2-O2 Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Results from the QUIET Experiment (15 min.) Koji Ishidoshiro
B4-2-O3 Fugacity and Reheating of Primordial Neutrinos (15 min.) Cheng Tao Yang
B4-2-O4 Higgs Modulated Reheating of RG Improved Inflation in Light of the Planck Data (15 min.) Yu-Chiao Chang
B4-2-I2 Cosmological Parameter Estimation with Free-Form Primordial Power Spectrum (30 min.) Arman Shafieloo


B4-3: Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Gravitation (3)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Kazuharu Bamba
Room: 302
B4-3-I1 Planck Constraints on Holographic Dark Energy (30 min.) Miao Li
B4-3-O1 Natural Emergence of Dark Radiation from Stephenson-Kilmister-Yang-Camenzind Theory of Gravity (15 min.) Nien-En Tung
B4-3-O2 Transmission Probability for Charged Dilatonic Black Holes in Various Dimensions (15 min.) Tritos Ngampitipan
B4-3-O3 Gravitational Wave from a Stellar Mass and an Intermediate Mass Black Hole Binary Surrounded by a Dark Matter Mini-Spike (15 min.) Kazunari Eda
B4-3-I2 Kagra and Gravitational-Wave Experiments (30 min.) Masaki Ando
B4-3-O4 Observation of Gravitationally Bound Quantum States of Ultracold Neutrons with Submicron Spatial Resolution (15 min.) Go Ichikawa


B1&4-1: Astroparticle Physics
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Shigehiro Nagataki
Room: 301AB
B1&4-1-O1 Astrophysical Neutrino Searches with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory (15 min.) Aya Ishihara
B1&4-1-O2 Search for Cosmic Background Neutrino Decay (15 min.) Shin-Hong Kim
B1&4-1-O3 The JEM-EUSO Mission (15 min.) Yoshiya Kawasaki
B1&4-1-O4 The Status and Recent Results of the Telescope Array Experiment (15 min.) Katsuya Yamazaki
B1&4-1-O5 Primordial Black Hole Formations in Hilltop Inflation/Inflating-Curvaton Models (15 min.) Kazunori Kohri
B1&4-1-O6 Statistics of General Functions of a Gaussian Field -Application to Non-Gaussianity from Preheating- (15 min.) Teruaki Suyama
B1&4-1-I1 Cosmic Acceleration in the Early and Present Universe (30 min.) Masahide Yamaguchi


C1-1: Synchrotron Radiation (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Suzuki Motohiro
Room: 202
C1-1-I1 The Australian Synchrotron - Enabling Science for the Benefit of the Community (30 min.) Andrew Peele
C1-1-I2 Scientific Opportunities of the Taiwan Photon Source (30 min.) Di-Jing Huang
C1-1-I3 Synchrotron Light Research in Thailand (30 min.) Prayoon Songsiriritthigul
C1-1-O1 Need for the International Synchrotron Radiation Facilities (15 min.) Sameen Ahmed Khan
C1-1-O2 Total Reflection Positron Diffraction (15 min.) Toshio Hyodo


C1-2: Synchrotron Radiation (2)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Murakami Youichi
Room: 202
C1-2-I1 First Results from a Long ID Beamline for Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (30 min.) Alfred Q.r. Baron
C1-2-I2 Smart Crystallography for Materials Science at Spring-8. (30 min.) Eiji Nishibori
C1-2-I3 Electronic Ordering States in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Studied by Utilizing the Synchrotron Radiation (30 min.) Hironori Nakao
C1-2-O1 Effect of K Doping on Rubrene: C60 Heterojunctions (15 min.) Yu-Ya Chu
C1-2-O2 Conducting Foams for High Synchrotron Radiation Accelerators (15 min.) Stefania Petracca


C2-1: Neutron Scattering (1)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Park Je-Geun
Room: 202
C2-1-I1 Structure and Properties of Tough Polymer Gels (25 min.) Mitsuhiro Shibayama
C2-1-O1 Interaction of Solutes (Sugars) with Membranes by Neutron Diffraction (25 min.) Christopher Garvey
C2-1-O2 Diffusion Dynamics of Molecular Liquids Elucidated by Model-Free Analysis on Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering (25 min.) Tatsuya Kikuchi
C2-1-I2 Local Structures of Ferroelectric Oxides Using Total Scattering Analysis (15 min.) Ilkyoung Jeong
C2-1-I3 On the Superconducting Symmetry of Fe-Based Systems
-Impurity Effects and Microscopic Magnetic Behavior- (15 min.)
Masatoshi Sato
C2-1-O3 Partial Disorder in Frustrated Triangular Spin Tube CsCrF4 (15 min.) Takatsugu Masuda


C2-2: Neutron Scattering (2)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Endoh Yasuo
Room: 202
C2-2-I1 Current Status of the J-PARC MLF
(The J-PARC Materials & Life Sceince Experimental Facility (21 min.)
Masatoshi Arai
C2-2-I2 The Present Status of AONSA (21 min.) Yasuhiko Fujii
C2-2-I3 China Spallation Neutron Source (21 min.) Hesheng Chen
C2-2-I4 Development in Neutron Science in Korea (21 min.) K.h. Lee
C2-2-I5 Development of Energy Selective Neutron Imaging (21 min.) Yoshiaki Kiyanagi
C2-2-O1 Small and Wide Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument TAIKAN of J-PARC (15 min.) Jun-ichi Suzuki


C3-1: Optical Science (1)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Fabian Rotermund
Room: 201B
C3-1-I1 Ultrafast Optical Comb Length Measurement (30 min.) Kaoru Minoshima
C3-1-I2 Sensing the Earth with Fiber Optics (30 min.) Zuyuan He
C3-1-I3 Light Field Tailoring for Laser Micronanofabrication (30 min.) Hong-Bo Sun
C3-1-O1 Using Wavelength-Tunable, Reduced-Coherence Diode Laser Light to Characterize Birefringent Optical Fibers (15 min.) Fang-Wen Sheu
C3-1-O2 Measurement of Differences and Relativity between Speeds of Light from Various Stars (15 min.) Yen-Ru Huang


C3-2: Optical Science (2)
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Kaoru Minoshima
Room: 201B
C3-2-I4 Recent Progress of Vortex Laser Technologies (30 min.) Takashige Omatsu
C3-2-I5 Graphene for Novel Mode-Locking Technology (30 min.) Fabian Rotermund
C3-2-O1 Observation of the Birefringence in the Friction Interface with Polarizing Microscope (15 min.) Naoya Yamada
C3-2-O2 Micro-Lensed Single-Mode Fiber Tip as a High-NA Objective (15 min.) Shinya Kato
C3-2-O3 Controlling Chirping of Narrowband THz Pulses Generated by Non-Linearly Chirped Pulse Beating (15 min.) Shohei Kamada
C3-2-O4 The Development of a Superconducting RF Electron Microscope (15 min.) Nao Higashi


D1-1: Plasma Physics (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: K.C. Lee
Room: 303
D1-1-I1 Advancement of MHD Physics Via 2D/3D ECE Imaging Diagnostics in KSTAR* (30 min.) Hyeon Park
D1-1-I2 Gyrokinetic Simulations of Kinetic-MHD Processes in Fusion Plasmas (30 min.) Zhihong Lin
D1-1-O1 High Power Ion Heating of Magnetic Reconnection in Tokamak Merging Experiments and Its MHD and Kinetic Interpretations (15 min.) Yasushi Ono
D1-1-O2 Topology Bifurcation of a Magnetic Flux Surface in Magnetized Plasmas (15 min.) Katsumi Ida
D1-1-O3 Dynamics of MHD Instabilities in a Low-Aspect-Ratio RFP (15 min.) Sadao Masamune
D1-1-O4 Modified Internal MHD Modes in the KSTAR Plasma Core Heated by Electron Cyclotron Waves (15 min.) Gunsu Yun


D1-2: Plasma Physics (2)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Guosheng Xu
Room: 303
D1-2-I1 Turbulence in Toroidal Plasma (30 min.) Akihide Fujisawa
D1-2-I2 Turbulence, Zonal Flow and Limit Cycle Oscillation on HL-2A Tokamak (30 min.) Jiaqi Dong
D1-2-O1 Observation of Turbulence Propagation at ELM Event and Transition Control Experiment in LHD (15 min.) Tokihiko Tokuzawa
D1-2-O2 Spontaneous Excitation of Geodesic Acoustic Mode by Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode (15 min.) Zhiyong Qiu
D1-2-O3 Multi-Scale Density Micro-Turbulence and Internal Kink Mode Measured Synchronously by Tangential CO2 Laser Scattering Diagnostic in the EAST Superconducting Tokamak (15 min.) Pengjun Sun
D1-2-O4 Dynamics of Nonlinear Interactions between Electron Temperature Gradient Mode and Drift Wave Mode in Linear Magnetized Plasmas (15 min.) Chanho Moon


D1-3: Plasma Physics (3)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Osamu Ishihara
Room: 303
D1-3-I1 Cooperative Micro-Motion and Structural Rearrangement of the Supercooled Dusty Plasma Liquid (30 min.) Lin I
D1-3-I2 Twisting Space-Time in Relativistic Plasma (30 min.) Zensho Yoshida
D1-3-O1 Current-Free Plasma Thruster Controlling Cross-Field Diffusion under a Magnetic Nozzle (15 min.) Kazunori Takahashi
D1-3-O2 Electrical Discharges in a Fluctuating Helium Fluid Near the Critical Point (15 min.) Hitoshi Muneoka
D1-3-O3 Plasma Acceleration Via Externally Exerted Oscillating Electromagnetic Fields: Basic Physics and Application to Electrodeless Electric Propulsion (15 min.) Takao Tanikawa
D1-3-O4 Shearing the Cold Dusty Plasma Liquid at Discrete Level (15 min.) Chi Yang


D1-4: Plasma Physics (4)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Akira Ando
Room: 304
D1-4-I1 Advanced MHD Models of Anisotropy, Flow and Chaotic Fields (30 min.) Matthew Hole
D1-4-I2 Global Multiscale Electrostatic Turbulence in Diverted Tokamak Geometry with Neutral Recycling in the XGC Gyrokinetic Code (30 min.) Seung-Hoe Ku
D1-4-O1 Effect of Energetic Ion on Spatial Distribution of Recombining Plasma (15 min.) Atsushi Okamoto
D1-4-O2 Nonlinear Competition among Zonal Flow, Flute Structure and Streamer in Resistive Drift Wave Turbulence in Cylindrical Magnetized Plasmas (15 min.) Makoto Sasaki
D1-4-O3 Dimensionless Analysis of High Temperature Plasma in Large Helical Device (15 min.) Haruhisa Nakano
D1-4-O4 Differential Dust Disk Rotation in a Complex Plasma with Magnetic Field (15 min.) Yoshifumi Saitou


D1-5: Plasma Physics (5)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Katsumi Ida
Room: 303
D1-5-I1 Ion Temperature Profile De-Stiffening Due to Conversion of Parallel Compression into Zonal Flows (30 min.) Sung Sik Kim
D1-5-I2 A New Long Pulse QH-mode Regime and Progress in Understanding the L-H Transition on East (30 min.) Guosheng Xu
D1-5-O1 Development and Physics Study of KSTAR (15 min.) Kwan Chul Lee
D1-5-O2 Experimental Investigation of L-I-H Transition Based on Gas Puff Imaging Diagnostic in EAST (15 min.) Linming Shao
D1-5-O3 Experimental Evidence of Critical Gradient Threshold for Particle Transport in the Tore Supra Tokamak (15 min.) Wulu Zhong
D1-5-O4 Experimental Study of Parallel Flow and Its Dependence of Magnetic Ripple in 3D Magnetic Field Configurations of Heliotron J (15 min.) Shinji Kobayashi


D2-1: Plasma Processing (1)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Ta-Chin Wei
Room: 303
D2-1-I1 Determination of Precursors for Silicon Surface Nitridation Using Inductively-Coupled Nitrogen Plasma (30 min.) Kazuaki Kurihara
D2-1-I2 Recent Progress on the Development of Paper-Based Microplasma Generation Devices (30 min.) Cheng-Che Hsu
D2-1-I3 Plasma Structure Control and New-Concept Plasma Process for Novel Nano-Bio Materials (30 min.) Toshiro Kaneko
D2-1-O1 Effects of RF Power and Working Pressure on the Properties of Nc-Si:H Thin Films Deposited by an ICP-CVD System (15 min.) Jang Hsing Hsieh
D2-1-O2 Self-Organized Formation of Hierarchically-Ordered Patterns in Laser-Activated Plasma CVD of sp3-Bonded BN Films (15 min.) Shojiro Komatsu


D2-2: Plasma Processing (2)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Rod Boswell
Room: 303
D2-2-I1 Diagnostics, Modeling and Process Control on VHF PECVD of Microcrystalline Silicon (30 min.) Wei Ta-Chin
D2-2-I2 Simulated PECVD Growth of Carbon Nanotubes: State-Of-The-Art, Challenges and Perspectives (30 min.) Erik Neyts
D2-2-I3 Plasma Processing of Waste for Recovery of Metal Values (30 min.) Partha Sarathi Mukhejerjee
D2-2-O1 Synthesis and Characterization of Si-Ni Composites as Negative Electrode of Lithium-Ion Batteries by Plasma Spraying (15 min.) Gerile Naren
D2-2-O2 Effects of Hole Structure of a Bubble Self-Generating Parallel Type Punched Plate Electrodes on Pulsed Discharges Inside Water (15 min.) Sonia Muradia


D2-3: Plasma Processing (3)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Katsuhisa Kitano
Room: 303
D2-3-I1 Generation of Free Radicals in Liquid by Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas and Its Application to Biology and Medicine (30 min.) Satoshi Hamaguchi
D2-3-I2 Plasma Bullet: Multiple Bullets, Dragon-Like Shape and Segment Plume (30 min.) XinPei Lu
D2-3-O1 Plasma Treated Water with the Reduced pH Method for Effective Disinfection in Dental and Surgical Treatment (15 min.) Katsuhisa Kitano
D2-3-O2 Numerical Simulation of Electric Double Layer in Contact with Dielectric Barrier Discharge (15 min.) Tatsuru Shirafuji
D2-3-O3 Surface Modification of Polymers by Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) (15 min.) Deepak Prasad Subedi
D2-3-O4 Gas Barrier Properties of Silicon Oxide Films Prepared by PECVD Using OMCTS (C8H24O4Si4) Precursor and Hydrogen Gas (15 min.) Long Wen


D2-4: Plasma Processing (4)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Makoto Kambara
Room: 302
D2-4-I1 Charge-Enhanced Diffusion: Insight from the Deposition Behavior of Charged Nanoparticles (30 min.) Nong-Moon Hwang
D2-4-I2 Novel Surface Modification Techniques Based on Plasma Based Ion Incorporation (30 min.) Subroto Mukherjee
D2-4-I3 Plasma Ion Sources for Focused Ion Beam Surface Engineering (30 min.) Rod Boswell
D2-4-O1 Optimising Ion Production in Pulsed Refractory and Non-Refractory Cathodic Arcs (15 min.) Patrick Neumann
D2-4-O2 Sheet Plasma Configuration Suitable for Materials Processing (15 min.) Henry, J. Ramos


D3-1: High Intensity Laser Plasma Science (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Kazuo Tanaka
Room: 304
D3-1-I1 Relativistic Laser Self-Focusing in Overdense Plasmas for Fast Ignition (30 min.) Anle Lei
D3-1-I2 Giant Magnetic Fields Produced by Intense Laser Irradiation (30 min.) Ravindra Kumar Gattamraju
D3-1-I3 Laboratory Experiments to Study Astrophysical Collisionless Shocks (30 min.) Youichi Sakawa
D3-1-O1 Relativistic Vorticity Generation in High Intensity Laser Experiments (15 min.) Yohei Kawazura
D3-1-O2 Laser-Driven Proton Generation from a Thin-Foil Target with a High-Intensity Laser (15 min.) Akito Sagisaka


D3-2: High Intensity Laser Plasma Science (2)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: T.Y. Tou
Room: 304
D3-2-I1 Exploring of Novel Extreme States with High Power Lasers and XFEL (30 min.) Ryosuke Kodama
D3-2-I2 Experimental Studies of Ion Charge Equilibrium in the Warm Dense Matter Regime Using Laser-Based Plasma (30 min.) Julien Fuchs
D3-2-O1 Multi-Stage Ion Acceleration in Laser Plasma Interaction (15 min.) Shigeo Kawata
D3-2-O2 Multiple Electron Beam Generation with Plasmon Resonance Field (15 min.) Yosuke Mishima
D3-2-O3 High Power Laser-Matter Interaction in Cluster Medium: Particle Acceleration, Radiation, High Pressure Material State (15 min.) Yasuaki Kishimoto
D3-2-O4 Plasma Characteristic of Pulsed Laser Deposition of Diamond-Like Carbon (15 min.) Seong Shan Yap


D4-1: Astro- & Space Plasma (1)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Dongsu Ryu
Room: 304
D4-1-I1 Energy Storage and Release Processes in the Magnetosphere (30 min.) C. Z. Cheng
D4-1-I2 Acceleration of Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere (30 min.) Martin Lee
D4-1-O1 Wave-Particle Interaction Analyzer (WPIA) for Direct Measurements of Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interactions in the Earth's Magnetosphere (15 min.) Yuto Katoh
D4-1-O2 Explosive Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection: Reynolds Averaging Approach (15 min.) Katsuaki Higashimori
D4-1-O3 Electron Accelerations at High Mach Number Shocks: 2-D PIC Simulations in Various Parameter Regimes (15 min.) Yosuke Matsumoto
D4-1-O4 Kinetic Aspects of the Ion Current Layer in an Outflow Exhaust in Magnetic Reconnection (15 min.) Seiji Zenitani


D4-2: Astro- & Space Plasma (2)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Kazunari Shibata
Room: 304
D4-2-I1 Relativistic Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei (30 min.) Geoffrey Bicknell
D4-2-I2 Highlights of Solar Observation Satellite Hinode (30 min.) Saku Tsuneta
D4-2-O1 MHD Simulations for Global Disks with Vertical Magnetic Fields (15 min.) Takeru Suzuki
D4-2-O2 Characteristics of Electrohydrodynamic Convection Driven Turbulence and Laboratory Simulation Project of the Solar Convection Zone (15 min.) Kenichi Nagaoka
D4-2-O3 Numerical Studies on the Magneto-Hydrodynamical Evolutions of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability (15 min.) Takayoshi Sano
D4-2-O4 Limit-Cycle Activities in a Tidal Disruption Event by a Supermassive Black Hole (15 min.) Tomohisa Kawashima


D4-3: Astro- & Space Plasma (3)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Ryoji Matsumoto
Room: 304
D4-3-I1 Particle Acceleration and Magnetic Reconnection during Magneto-Rotational Instability in Collisionless Accretion Disk (30 min.) Masahiro Hoshino
D4-3-I2 Magnetic Cycles and Flux Emergence in Solar and Stellar Dynamos (30 min.) Mark Miesch
D4-3-I3 3-D Global Hybrid Simulation of Plasma Processes in the Coupled Bow Shock-Magnetosphere System (30 min.) Yu Lin
D4-3-O1 Calculation of High-Resolution Solar Global Convection with the Reduced Speed of Sound Technique (15 min.) Hideyuki Hotta
D4-3-O2 Superluminal Waves at Pulsar Wind Termination Shocks (15 min.) Takanobu Amano


D10-1: Physics oriented Plasma joint session
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Kunioki Mima
Room: 303
D10-1-I1 Mechanism of Sustained Ordered Structure in an Open System and a New Concept of Fusion Device Design (30 min.) Akira Hasegawa
D10-1-I2 Thermodynamical Forces in Plasma Phase Space That Controls Turbulence and Turbulent Transport (30 min.) Kimitaka Itoh
D10-1-I3 Summary Talk on Session D1: Plasma Science (30 min.) Abhijit Sen
D10-1-I4 Summary for Astro and Space Plasma Sessions (30 min.) Dongsu Ryu


D20-1: Application oriented Plasma joint session
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: E. Neyts
Room: 302
D20-1-I1 A New Approach to Gas Discharge Theory with Sheath Boundaries (30 min.) Francis F. Chen
D20-1-I2 Nanocarbon-Nanoscience Oriented Non-Equilibrium Plasma Control (30 min.) Rikizo Hatakeyama
D20-1-I3 New Era of Plasma Technplogy (30 min.) Hiroshi Fujiyama
D20-1-I4 Summary of D3 Session, High Intensity Laser Plasma Science (30 min.) Hideaki Takabe


E1-1: Computational Physics (1)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Baiotti Luca
Room: 103
E1-1-I1 Computational Science at the National Science Foundation and High Order Numerical Methods (30 min.) Leland Jameson
E1-1-I2 Present Status of Science with the K-Comuter and Beyond (30 min.) Kimihiko Hirao
E1-1-O1 Numerical Approach to Quark-Gluon World from Statistical QCD (15 min.) Atsushi Nakamura
E1-1-O2 Plasma Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Pair Production Experiments Using a High-Z Target (15 min.) Toseo Moritaka
E1-1-O3 Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Nanostructures (15 min.) Wee Shing Koh
E1-1-O4 A Conformational Search Method of Protein Systems by Using Genetic Algorithm (15 min.) Yoshitake Sakae


E1-2: Computational Physics (2)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Masatoshi Imada
Room: 302
E1-2-I1 Fully General-Relativistic Simulations of Binary Neutron-Star Mergers Carried Out with Collaborative Parallel Codes (30 min.) Luca Baiotti
E1-2-I2 TBD (30 min.) Tao Xiang
E1-2-O1 Finite-Difference Approach for a 6th-Order Nonlinear Phase Equation with Self-Excitation (15 min.) Dmitry Strunin
E1-2-O2 Novel Linear-Algebraic Algorithms and Ten-Million-Atom Electronic State Calculations on the K Computer (15 min.) Takeo Hoshi
E1-2-O3 Calculation of the Electron Affinity Properties of the Pristine and Functionalized Adamantane Molecules Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory (TD-DFT) (15 min.) Shinsuphan Nikorn
E1-2-O4 Using Twitter to Study the Evolution of Conversational Utterances (15 min.) May Lim


F-1: Physics Education (1)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong, Eizo Ohno
Room: 102AB
F-1-I1 Innovation in Physics Teacher Education Driven by the In-Depth Implementation of the New National Curriculum (25 min.) Xingkai Luo
F-1-I2 Integrative Approach to Science Education in Korea (25 min.) Jean Soo Chung
F-1-O1 Building a Program of University Physics and Mathematics Education (15 min.) Tadayoshi Tanaka
F-1-I3 Science Laboratory Classes for Freshmen in Tohoku University (25 min.) Shozo Suto
F-1-O2 Impact of Project Based Learning of Physics in Technical Institutions, Karachi (15 min.) Rehan Ali Syed
F-1-O3 Four Developmental Stages for Cultivation of Interdisciplinary Scientists and Engineers -Admission and Diploma Policies- (15 min.) Kazuhiko Misawa


F-2: Physics Education (2)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Xingkai Luo, Kasuhiko Misawa
Room: 102AB
F-2-I1 Collective Intelligence in Physics Class: How the Whole is More Than the Sum of Its Parts? (25 min.) Junehee Yoo
F-2-I2 Comparison of U.S. and Chinese High-School Physics Teaching and the Need for Active Learning at the College Level (25 min.) Sachiko Tosa
F-2-O1 A Two-Tier Multiple Choice Questions to Diagnose Thermodynamic Misconception of Thai and Laos Students (15 min.) Chanwit Kamcharean
F-2-I3 Tutorial at a Japanese University as an Interactive Physics Class (25 min.) Haruko Uematsu
F-2-O2 "Physics Knowledge to be Taught" Described by Information Flow (15 min.) Eizo Ohno
F-2-O3 The Effects of "Cognitive Acceleration Through Science Education" Program in Japan (15 min.) Kazunari Taniguchi


F-3: Physics Education (3)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: M.A.K. Lakshman Dissanayake, Hiroshi Kawakatsu
Room: 102AB
F-3-I1 Courses on Computational Physics in Chinese Universities and Colleges (25 min.) Fanglin Peng
F-3-I2 Active Learning Workshops for Physics Teachers in the Unrest Area of Southern Thailand (25 min.) Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong
F-3-O1 Evaluation of "RIKADAISUKI-Experiment Classroom" (15 min.) Yu Matsumoto
F-3-I3 20 Years of Raising Next Generation for Researchers and Teachers of Natural Science Through Science Festival for Youngsters in Osaka (25 min.) Noriaki Takahashi
F-3-O2 Improving Physics Teaching Using POCOM(Practical On-Site Cooperation Model) (15 min.) Jongwon Park
F-3-O3 The Teacher Training to Develop New Experiments with Cheap Materials (15 min.) Yoji Takikawa


F-4: Physics Education (4)
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Seung Kim Jin, Akizo Kobayashi
Room: 102AB
F-4-I1 Why Do Some Academics Resist Using Active Learning Techniques, Given That the Education Outcomes are So Compelling? (25 min.) Alexander Mazzolini
F-4-I2 Active Learning Methods in Teaching Introductory Level Physics (25 min.) M.A.K. Lakshman Dissanayake
F-4-O1 The Results of Trial Use of a Tentative Japanese Translation of "Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation" as a Survey Tool on Japanese High School Students' Conceptual Understanding of Newtonian Dynamics (15 min.) Junpei Ryu
F-4-I3 The K-12 Curriculum and the Challenges to Physics Instruction in the Philippines (25 min.) Ivan Culaba
F-4-O2 Progress of Systematic Hands on Devices for Active Learning Methods by Visualizing ICT Tools in Physics with Milliseconds Resolution (15 min.) Akizo Kobayashi
F-4-O3 The Systematic Demonstration of the Physical Phenomenon in Weightless Environment (15 min.) Yuichi Miura


G-1: Women in Physics (1)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Hatsumi Mori
Room: 202
G-1-G0 Opening Remarks Makoto Konagai
G-1-G1 Introduction Miyoko O. Watanabe
G-1-I1 Positive Actions for Promoting Women Physicists in Korea (25 min.) Youngah Park
G-1-I2 Leaky Pipelines, Glass Ceilings, Dead Ends, and Other Matters That Need to Be Fixed (25 min.) Ling-An Wu
G-1-I3 Positive Action Using Quotas for Women in Kyushu University (25 min.) Eriko Jotaki
G-1-O1 JSAP's Continued Engagement in Promotion on "Women in Physics" (12 min.) Kae Nemoto
G-1-O2 Networking of Women Physicist at Micro Level in and around Nagpur in India (12 min.) Seema Ubale
G-1-O3 International Empowerment Program of Young Women in Physics by Inviting to Leading-Edge Research Environment- ATHENA Program (16 min.) Eiko Torikai


G-2: Women in Physics (2)
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Miyoko O. Watanabe
Room: 202
G-2-I1 WIP and WIT -Women in Physics and Technology (25 min.) Kenichi Iga
G-2-I2 Challenges of Young Women Scientists in New and Emerging Areas (25 min.) Shamima K Choudhury
G-2-I3 WIP: A Philippine Perspective on Positive Action Measures (25 min.) May Lim
G-2-G2 Discussion  
G-3-G3 Closing Remarks Shoji Nagamiya


H-1: Others (Physics frontiers)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Mamiko SASAO
Room: 102AB
H-1-O1 Randomness of Tickwise Prices May Forecast the Stock Performance (15 min.) Xin Yang
H-1-O2 Phase Transitions in Chains of Oscillators with Dynamical Traps Caused by Human Fuzzy Rationality (15 min.) Ihor Lubashevsky
H-1-O3 Biased Diffusion on the Japanese Inter-Company Trading Network and the Empirical Power Law for Sales and the Number of Business-Partners (15 min.) Hayafumi Watanabe
H-1-O4 Performance of a Remotely Located Muon Radiography System to Identify the Inner Structure of Nuclear Plant (15 min.) Fumiaki Ito
H-1-O5 Nuclear Physicists' Involvement in the Extensive Whole-Body-Counter Surveys of Residents after the Fukushima NPP Accident (15 min.) Ryugo Hayano