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Joining us

Introduction to admission

Introduction to admission of regular member / student member

If you wish to be a regular member / student member of JPS, please proceed according to the following instructions. It will take at most 1 month and a half until it is approved by the Board of Directors.

The rights and obligations, etc. of the members are stipulated in "Constitution, Bylaws and Internal Regulation on Membership." Please read them through before applying for admission. JPS will use the collected personal information to the extent necessary for achievement of our business. See "JPS' collection, use and management of personal information" for detail.

Qualification for admission (extract from Article 5 of the Articles of Incorporation)

Regular member

1) A person who took Physics or the course related thereto in a faculty of a university.
2) A person who is admitted by the President to have academic knowledge equal to or more than the above.

Student member (student in a faculty)

A person who is taking Physics or the course related thereto in a faculty of a university.

Admission procedure

Online Application

"Admission application fee" for admission is the total amount of "admission fee" and "1-year membership due."
See "Introduction to membership due" page for detail.

Prepare 1 and 2 below to apply for admission.
Graduate students can apply as "regular member (graduate student)."
This status is "regular member" but the membership due is reduced from that of "regular member."

You will also need 3. if you apply as "student member" or "regular member (graduate student)."
1. Two regular member references' member ID's and names.
Recommendations from two regular members are necessary for admission.

2. E-mail address used by the individual applying for admission (email address of mobile phone carrier is not accepted.)

3. Student registration certificate (for "student member," "regular member (graduate student)")
Prepare image file (either of jpg, png, gif or pdf).
Required for "student member (undergraduate student)."
Graduate students are "regular members," but necessary if applying for reduction of membership due as "regular member (graduate student)."
Payment of "admission application fee" may be done through online payment (credit card, web convenience store payment, Pay-easy, PayPal).
(Payment system is consigned to Softbank Payment Service Corp.)

General flow of admission application


*Any kanji other than JIS first and second standards, machine-dependent characters, some symbols may not be used.

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