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  • Introduction to JPS membership due

Introduction to JPS membership due

Membership due

  • Membership due is annual membership due.
  • Fiscal year of membership due is from January to December.
    (Fiscal year of JPS is from January 1 to December 31 (Article 35 of the Constitution) and that of membership due is also from January 1 to December 31.)
  • Membership due requires advance payment.
  • Annual amounts of membership due are:
    Regular member: 12,000 yen
    Student member: 8,000 yen (student member means member who is an undergraduate student.)
  • The following regular members are subject to reduction of membership due as student members.

Regular member (graduate student): Regular member who is in a graduate school, wishes reduction of membership due and has taken the prescribed procedure (required to submit the student registration certificate).

Regular member (senior member): Regular member who has been our member for more than 35 years and who is also over 65 years old, wishes reduction of membership due, has submitted the application form and has obtained the President's approval (required to have completely paid the past membership dues).
The Japanese journal "Butsuri" is sent to all members who have paid the above membership dues.

Additional membership due

The followings are the additional membership dues for those who wish to subscribe other journals, etc. than Butsuri (application by the prescribed procedure is required for subscription).

JournalSubscription typeAnnual additional membership due (yen)
Journals of Physical Society of Japan (JPSJ) JPSJ subscription A: (Online subscription)

9,720 (until 2019)
9,900 (from 2020)

JPSJ subscription B: (Online subscription + print)

15,120 (until 2019)
15,400 (from 2020)

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP)/ Applied Physics Express (APEX) JJAP/APEX subscription: (Online subscription) 3,000
Physics Education in University

1,000 (until 2019)
1,200 (from 2020)

* PTEP is an open access journal.

JPSJ subscription A (Online subscription) is reduced to 5,400 yen (5,500 yen, from 2020)for senior members.

Overseas postage

Butsuri and journals, etc. may be shipped overseas (charged), by normally using SAL (via airmail to countries not accepting SAL).
Check countries accepting SAL on Japan Post's website, etc.

SAL postage

Butsuri 3,000 yen/yr JPSJ 5,000 yen/yr

Airmail postage (yen)

1st area2nd area3rd area
Physics Education in University/yr

Membership due and admission fee to be paid at admission application

Admission application fee (admission fee and 1-year membership due)
You will need to pay 1-year membership due at the same time as admission application, but if you are entering in the middle of a year, the amount equivalent to the membership due before the admission date will be carried forward and such amount will be deducted when billing the following year's membership due.

Admission fee (yen)Membership due (yen)Total (yen)
Regular member 3,000 12,000 15,000
Regular member (graduate student) 8,000 11,000
Student member
  • JPS' fiscal year is from January 1 to December 31.
  • If you wish to subscribe other journals, etc. than Butsuri, please make payment of additional membership due together with the above admission application fee.
  • For shipping of Butsuri / other journals, etc. overseas, please make payment of 1-year overseas postage with the above admission application fee.

Contact information

Please contact us by phone or email.

TEL: 03-3816-6201

admission-at-jps.or.jp (for admission)
kaiin-at-jps.or.jp (for membership due from the following year of admission)

* Fiscal year of JPS is from January 1 to December 31 (Article 35 of the Articles of Incorporation) and that of membership due is also from January 1 to December 31.