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JPS Science Seminars (Concluded Event)

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JPS Science Seminars

Conclusion of JPS Science Seminars
As part of its outreach activities, JPS organized a two-day seminar in Tokyo every summer featuring lectures by researchers working at the frontiers of physics. The Board of Directors discussed the future of the seminar in light of the spread of COVID-19, and unfortunately decided to discontinue this particular program as part of a reorganization of events and services aimed at increasing the effectiveness of online seminars and other outreach activities. It is with regret that we announce this decision to discontinue these JPS Science Seminars.
While the JPS Science Seminars have ended, JPS has decided to hold "Online Physics Lectures", regular webinar-type lectures, free of charge for members and affiliate members, in their place. We hope that you will consider taking part in these Online Physics Lectures.
JPS would like to express our gratitude once again to the audience members, lecturers and all who have been involved in the JPS Science Seminars over the past 65 years, starting in 1955 with the first JPS Seminar (predecessor to the JPS Science Seminar). We will continue to organize outreach activities in more effective and efficient ways to help disseminate information on physics. We look forward to your continued support.
Directors, JPS Science Seminar, 76th Board of Directors

August 25-27, 1955
JPS Seminar on magnetics for engineers and researchers