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Renew Membership/Update Information

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To make changes to your membership or information, please visit My Page
(If you do not know your ID or password, you can request them to be resent from the My Page screen.)

Please click here to learn more about eligibility for senior discounts and how to apply.

Please click here to learn more about Membership Fee Exemption as support for JPS Members Living in Developing Countries.

Click here if you cannot make changes from My Page. (Japanese only)

If you are a supporting member and would like to change your address, please contact the Supporting Member Section at sanjo@jps.or.jp.

Changing membership categories

Procedures for reducing membership dues for regular members (graduate students) and continuing status as student members (undergraduate students)

Regular members who are graduate students are eligible for reduced membership dues for the period in which their enrollment can be confirmed with the submission of a student certificate. Student members (undergraduate students) will continue to be eligible for membership as students for the period that their enrollment can be confirmed with the submission of a student certificate. Membership dues as a student member will apply during this period. However, if any of the following conditions apply, you must complete the procedures on My Page by September 30 for student membership dues to carry over to the following year (from January of the following year) or later (Bylaws, Article 6).

  1. Student member who joined as an undergraduate student and entered a graduate program this year
  2. Regular member (graduate student) who joined as a master's student and entered a doctoral course this year
  3. Regular member (graduate student) enrolled in a master's or doctoral program beyond the expected completion date
  4. Student member enrolled in an undergraduate course beyond the expected graduation year
  5. Regular member newly enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school this year
  6. Regular member who joined last year under conditions 1, 2, or 5 above, but did not complete procedures and is still enrolled in school

* Auditing students or research students are not eligible for reduced membership dues.
* If you do not follow prescribed procedures, you will not qualify for a reduction in your membership dues and must pay regular dues (at 12,000 yen/year) regardless of whether you are a graduate student or not. Student members (undergraduate students) will not be able to extend their student membership if the prescribed procedures are not followed.
* The submission deadline also applies to those who plan to enroll in school in October, so be sure to contact the Membership Section at kaiin@jps.or.jp in advance.
* If a graduate school is a five-year integrated program, the procedure for reducing dues must be completed again by September 30 of the year that would mark the completion of the master's program.

Information on eligibility for discounts and benefits for senior members

If a regular member has been a member for 25 years or longer and is 65 years of age or older, they may request senior member discounts for reduced membership dues and are eligible for a subscription to JPSJ Online. This system is referred to as senior membership in the Bylaws of JPS. Specific benefits are listed below.

1. Dues: 12,000 yen for a regular member → 8,000 yen with senior member discount
2. JPSJ Online subscription: 9,900 yen for a regular member → 5,500 yen with senior member discount

In addition to the above qualifications, membership dues must be paid for said fiscal year to be eligible to apply for the senior member discounts.
The Board of Directors will approve applications for senior member discounts for the year after the year the application is submitted.
(For details, please refer to Article 8.2 and Article 17 of the Bylaws.)

To request eligibility, you must apply using the designated application form.
Please print out the file below, or ask the Membership Section to send the form.
If you have any questions about the length of your membership, please contact the Membership Section.

Senior member discount application form (Japanese only) Word PDF

Membership Fee Exemption as support for JPS Members Living in Developing Countries

The purpose of this system is to support members from developing countries (mainly international students) who are unable to maintain their membership in the JPS after returning to their home countries due to financial reasons or other reasons. (The membership fee waiver can be continued in the following two years and thereafter by following the procedures each time).

Eligibility for membership fee waiver for the following year:
Members who have returned (or are expected to return the following year) to a developing country, who meet all of the following eligibility criteria, and whose application has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Conditions for eligibility:
・The member must have paid all dues up to the current year (if the member wishes to continue in the following two years, the member must have been exempted from dues under the program up to the previous year).
・Documents certifying that the member resides in a developing country (proof of residence outside Japan*) and the attached form (Application Form for Membership Fee Exemption as support for JPS Members Living in Developing Countries) must be submitted by the end of September of the year before the member wishes to be exempted from paying the membership fee.
*The document proving residence in a developing country must be translated into Japanese or English. If you are expected to return to your home country in the following year, please submit a separate form signed by your academic advisor or superior in Japan.

In the event that a membership fee waiver application is approved, the waiver will be valid for one year from the following year. The conference participation fee and additional membership fee will not be exempted.
The membership fee waiver is valid for one year from the following year.
If you wish to be exempted from the membership fee for the following year and thereafter, you must complete the same procedure by the end of September of the year prior to the year in which you wish to be exempted.
Developing countries for the purposes of this program are defined as countries that, at the time of consulting with the Board of Directors, are on the OECD's ODA list (e.g., for 2024-25, https://www.oecd.org/dac/financing-sustainable-development/development- finance-standards/DAC-List-of-ODA-Recipients-for-reporting-2024-25-flows.pdf) of UPPER MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES WHICH ARE NOT countries designated as other than LDCs.

Membership Section, Physical Society of Japan

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For more information, please contact kaiin@jps.or.jp.

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