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Code of Conduct of the Physical Society of Japan (JPS)
Participants of the meeting other than the members of the JPS should also follow the Code of Conduct of JPS.

Our Major Meetings

The Physical Society of Japan (JPS) organizes two major academic meetings in spring and fall each year.
Annual Meeting is held once a year (usually in spring) for all the fields of physics categorized into 19 divisions. Members gather in one venue for attending series of presentations. The Fall Meeting (when the Annual Meeting is held in fall, there is a Spring Meeting) is held at two different venues, one covering the fields of elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, cosmic rays / astrophysics, and beam physics, and the other covering 13 divisions of condensed matter physics and other fields. In both meetings, as many as 5,000 researchers and students participate in about 4,000 presentations and debate in sessions and symposia. In addition to the usual presentations (oral and poster), we have general lectures (in Annual Meeting) and various symposia. During the meetings, exhibitions of research equipment, facilities, and academic books related to physics are also held, providing an important arena for the communication between the physics community and the equipment and publishing companies.

The JPS has concluded agreements for reciprocal membership privileges with the following societies. Those who are a member of one of these societies can present their papers at the JPS meetings in the same condition as to the member of the JPS. (Click here)

・Australian Institute of Physics(AIP)
・The American Physical Society(APS)
・Canadian Association of Physicists(CAP)
・Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft(DPG)
・European Physical Society(EPS)
・Societe Francaise de Physique(FPS)
・The Institute of Physics(IOP)
・Korean Physical Society(KPS)
・Mexican Physical Society(MPS)
・The Polish Physical Society(PPS)
・The Physical Society of Hong Kong(PSHK)
・Italian Physical Society(SIF)
・The Physical Society of Taiwan(TPS)

2021 Annual (76th) Meeting / Online

DivisionVenue & InformationsDate
All divisions Online March 12- 15, 2021

2021 Autumn Meeting / Online

Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics,
and Cosmic Rays/Astrophysics
Online Sep 14- 17, 2021
Condensed Matter Physics and Other Fields Online Sep.20- 23, 2021

2022 Annual (77th) Meeting

DivisionVenue & InformationsDate
All divisions Okayama University
Okayama University of Science
March 15 - 18, 2022

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