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The Physical Society of Japan (JPS) holds nationwide scientific meetings in the spring and autumn each year. JPS categorizes all the fields of physics into 19 divisions. The Annual Meeting is where recent research from all these divisions is discussed at one venue. The Autumn (Spring) Meetings are held at different venues, one covering the six divisions including Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Cosmic Rays/Astrophysics Divisions, and the other covering the 13 divisions of Condensed Matter Physics and Other Fields. As many as 5,000 researchers take part in both meetings, where about 3,600 presentations and active discussions take place. Plenary Lectures (at the Annual Meeting only) and various symposia are also held in addition to contributed talks and posters. Exhibitions on physicochemical equipment and publishing are also organized during these JPS meetings, providing an important venue for communication with these companies.

JPS has concluded reciprocal agreements with other societies around the world. Members of these societies are eligible to apply to deliver presentations at JPS meetings under the same conditions as JPS members.

The Physical Society of Japan 2024 Spring Meeting

The Physical Society of Japan 2024 Annual (79th) Meeting