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President's message


Prof. Tomofumi NAGAE
The 76th (Mar. 31, 2020 - Mar. 31, 2021) President

President's Message

 As of March 31, 2019, I have been the President of the Japan Physical Society (JPS) and will continue to hold this position for one more year. We have welcomed Dr. Setsuko Tajima as the Vice President (President Elect) and at the end of my term, I will transfer my duties to her.

 In my first presidential year, we extended our activities for the general public and strengthened our relationships with societies through the "Next Generation Foster Project." We simplified the interface for donations supporting the project at a reasonable cost. Moreover, for the "Jr. session program" for high-school students, Seven & i Holdings made significant contributions in appreciation of the passion reflected in presentations by a few hundred students. There were several attendees at the science seminar and public lectures, which were followed by comprehensive question and answer sessions. Every year, during the season of Nobel Prize announcements, the number of visitors to our homepage rises dramatically, indicating immense interest in physics in Japan. Thus, the basic purpose of the JPS should be to advance physics and contribute to the development of science.

 Last year, along with six societies, two research organizations, and 39 universities, we made an announcement about the helium crisis wherein we addressed the issue of recycling it in Japan, as we rely entirely on its supply from abroad. This will be a serious concern for our society in the near future.

The relationship with physics societies abroad will be crucial for the JPS. After the MoU between the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) and the JPS in 2018, we are now drafting the 13th MoU with the Italian Physics Society (SIF). The JPS is also working diligently as a member society of the Association of Asia Pacific Physics Societies (AAPPS). Last year, Dr. Junichi Yokoyama, a council member supported by the JPS, was elected as the President. The JPS will support him with the JSAP. Discussions to extend the number of divisions have occurred; currently, there are only three divisions--Plasma Physics (DPP); Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Gravitation (DACG); and Nuclear Physics (DNP). The new divisions under consideration are Particle Physics, Solid State Physics, and Soft Matter.

 I am very sorry to say that, ultimately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were compelled to cancel the 75th JPS Annual Meeting that was to be held at Nagoya University in March 2020. I thank everyone at Nagoya University for their efforts in comprehensively planning the meeting for two years. I also apologize for having inconvenienced so many JPS members. The effects of the virus are still ongoing and increasing. The JPS will do its best to facilitate the autumn meetings in Kumamoto and Tsukuba. We request your continued understanding and cooperation.

Professor T. Nagae's career is as follows:

1981 Bachelor of Science (Physics), Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo
1983 Master of Science (Physics), Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo.
1986 Doctor of Science (Physics), Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
1986 Research Assistant, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo
1987 Research Associate, Institute for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo
1996 Associate Professor, Institute for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo
1997 Associate Professor, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
2002 Professor, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
2007 Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Kyoto University

For JPS, he served as Director from April 2016 to March 2017, Vice President from April 2017 to March 2018 , Vice President/President Elect from April 2018 to March 2019.

Professor Nagae's major research fields are strangeness nuclear physics and hadron physics in experimental nuclear physics, working at J-PARC.