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Each member of the JPS may belong to one or more division(s). The subjects of each division are listed below.

  • Division of Theoretical Particle Physics

  • Division of Experimental Particle Physics

  • Division of Theoretical Nuclear Physics

  • Division of Experimental Nuclear Physics

  • Division of Cosmic Rays / Astrophysics

  • Division of Beam Physics

  • Division 1:

    Atomic and Molecular Physics, Quantum Electronics, Radiation

  • Division 2:


  • Division 3:


  • Division 4:

    Semiconductors, Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Transport

  • Division 5:

    Optical Properties of Condensed Matter

  • Division 6:

    Metal Physics (Liquid Metals, Quasicrystals), Low Temperature Physics (Ultralow Temperature,Superconductivity, Density Waves)

  • Division 7:

    Molecular Solids

  • Division 8:

    Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

  • Division 9:

    Surfaces & Interfaces, Crystal Growth

  • Division 10:

    Structural Property (Dielectrics and Related Materials, Lattice Defects and Nanostructures, X-ray and Particle Beams, Phonon)

  • Division 11:

    Fundamental Theory of Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Applied Mathematics, Socio- and Econophysics

  • Division 12:

    Soft Matter Physics, Chemical Physics, Biophysics

  • Division 13:

    Physics Education, History of Physics, Environmental Physics

More details on the divisions can be found on the Division page (Japanese only).