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Supporting members of JPS

[Applicable to those who would like to join as supporting members of JPS]

This page is applicable to companies, organizations, or individuals who would like to join as Supporting members of JPS.

[Who are supporting members of JPS?]

Currently, the Physical Society of Japan (JPS) has approximately 17,000 members, including research scientists, engineers, teachers, students, and citizens, both within and outside Japan. The main objectives of JPS are to publish research on the latest achievements in physics and hold annual meetings to promote the research activities of members.

We greatly appreciate that you approve of our objectives and activities and are interested in becoming a new supporting member of JPS. Apart from companies and organizations, individuals can become supporting members of JPS, as well.

[Applying for supporting membership]

Please download the application form below. Fill in all the blanks, and send the application form to sanjo@jps.or.jp.

We welcome your application at any time. Please note that your admission takes approximately 1.5 to 2 months to complete since it requires the approval of the JPS Board of Directors.

[Membership dues]

The membership dues for a supporting member of JPS are 35,000 Japanese Yen (JPY) per unit, for a year.
The number of publications depends on units. Please select unit(s) according to your purpose.

[Benefits of joining as a supporting member of JPS]

  1. A supporting member will receive a copy of Butsuri (a monthly journal) and Physics Education in University (three issues per year) . Additional prints or publications are available depending on the number of units of membership.
  2. Additional prints or publications available for delivery are Butsuri, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan (JPSJ), and Physics Education in University. The number of units of membership dues and additional number of copies for delivery are given below. In case JPSJ is received as an additional delivery, the supporting member shall be given the access authority to JPSJ Online on request..
Number of
units of
membership dues
3 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 8 9 - 10 11 - 15 16 - 20 21 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 50 50 or
of copies
Up to 1
Up to 2 copies Up to 3 copies Up to 4 copies Up to 5 copies Up to 6 copies Up to 7 copies Up to 8 copies Up to 9 copies Up to
10 copies

*JPSJ can be selected with four or more units of membership dues. However, members with a large amount of access to JPSJ online, may be requested to apply for a tier-based subscription separately

  1. Supporting members can participate in annual meetings for a discounted price for regular members.
  2. The names of supporting members of JPS are listed in Butsuri and the JPS web page. It is possible to link your company's web page from the JPS web page.
  3. Supporting members can purchase the publications of JPS (other than the ones mentioned earlier) for a discounted price for regular members.
  4. The discounted price is applicable to both exhibit fee in annual meetings and advertisement charges in Butsuri.

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