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Online Physics Lectures

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P2P online technology has revolutionized the way people "lecture" to share the results of studies. Lectures account for a substantial segment of information exchange, dissemination and outreach activities carried out by JPS, which plans to actively use this new information medium for online lectures in its activities. Online Physics Lectures are the first step.

Online Physics Lectures feature leading physicists talking about the latest hot topics to physics enthusiasts. In these lectures, JPS aims to provide a little more in-depth understanding about these topics than in the many public introductions that can be found on TV and online videos. This online lecture is the successor to the long-running "JPS Science Seminar" that many have enjoyed over the years. In addition to Plenary Lectures at the Annual Meeting, these online lectures offer a valuable opportunity for JPS members and affiliate members to share the excitement of physics.

Anyone who registers can watch the lectures from anywhere in the world.

We hope you will enjoy these "Online Physics Lectures" that will allow you to travel to the frontiers of physics on Saturday afternoons with a cup of coffee or your favorite drink right in the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be.

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As an affiliate member (annual membership dues: 3,000 yen), you may attend the Online Physics Lectures for free anytime. Please consider becoming an affiliate member.

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