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Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics
- Request for Sponsorship and Donations

Physics to Next Generation

The Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics founded by the Physical Society of Japan (JPS) aims to strengthen the more multi-layered relationship between physics and society through the development of youth as future leaders in science and technology.

Purpose of the Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics

JPS is furthering the Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics to encourage and educate youth as future leaders in science and technology. JPS hopes to strengthen the relationship between physics and society through this program.

Physics is the most fundamental of the natural sciences and, at the same time, it has been continued to discover the seeds of new technologies and brought about revolutionary changes to society. JPS endeavors to develop young students of physics with the expectation that they will contribute to advancing this discipline and find solutions to various problems in society. We have been entrusted with the urgent and eternal task of maintaining Japan's tradition of brilliant and innovative research, as symbolized by the many Nobel Prizes awarded to Japanese researchers, and promoting the advancement of talented human resources in physics into the real world. We thank you for your support of our efforts through this program.

Tomofumi Nagae, 75th and 76th President, Physical Society of Japan

About the Physical Society of Japan

JPS was first founded in 1877 as the Tokyo Mathematics Society and made a new start in 1946 as the Physical Society of Japan. It counts among its members 15 Nobel laureates, including Dr. Hideki Yukawa and Dr. Sin-Itiro Tomonaga.

Member affiliations


Main research fields

Particle physics; Nuclear physics; Cosmic rays, Astrophysics; Beam physics; Atomic and molecular physics, Quantum electronics, Radiation; Plasma; Magnetism; Semiconductors, Mesoscopic systems and quantum transport; Optical properties of condensed matter; Metal physics, Low-temperature physics; Molecular solids; Strongly-correlated electron systems; Surfaces and interfaces, Crystal growth; Structural properties; Fundamental theory of condensed matter physics, Statistical mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Applied mathematics, Socio-economic physics; Soft matter physics, Chemical physics, Biophysics; Physics education, History of physics, Environmental physics

Number of members: about 16,000

Donation to the Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics

Activities of the Physical Society of Japan


JPS publishes the Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (Butsuri), a monthly journal published in Japanese with commentaries on the latest achievements in physics, and the Journal of the Physical Society of Japan (JPSJ) and Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (PTEP), both published in English that disseminate the latest outcomes in academia around the world, as well as Physics Education in University and other publications. The JPSJ has been received to international acclaim, including the publication of a major paper on the discovery of the 113th element, nihonium. Application for subscription is widely accepted for all publications. Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (Butsuri) also solicits corporate advertisements.


JPS holds nationwide meetings (JPS meetings) every spring and autumn where members, from graduate students to leading researchers, gather to present their research. There are two types of meetings: the Annual Meeting and Autumn (Spring) Meetings. As many as 5,000 researchers take part in both meetings, where about 3,600 presentations (oral and poster) and active discussions take place. Plenary Lectures (at the Annual Meeting only) and various symposia are also held. Luncheon seminars and career development events co-organized by JPS and various partners including private companies are also held on site to connect graduate students and researchers with industry and society.

Six activities under the Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics

Connecting next-generation human resources and society through physics

The Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics is an initiative that aims to pass on knowledge and achievements in the discipline of physics that have been handed down by our predecessors to the young leaders of the next generation. The main objective of this program is to pursue and put into practice "better physics education" for students to "realize a more fulfilling society in the future through physics".

1. Jr. Session

These sessions have been held annually since 2005 (World Year of Physics) in conjunction with JPS meetings to provide junior high/high school students and technical college students (up to third year) from all over Japan with opportunities to present research on physics. The content of presentations ranges from themes based on familiar questions to challenging cutting-edge topics that even surprise experts. This is an important space for students to interact with physicists.

2. Online Physics Lectures

These online lectures offer an introduction to cutting-edge topics for physics enthusiasts from all walks of life, including researchers. Lectures can be attended from anywhere in the world and provide attendees with opportunities to gain a more in-depth understanding than explanations for the general public.

3. Career Development Events

These events and exhibitions provide a space for students studying physics to meet and interact with companies.

4. The Wonders of Nature: Physics Lab

JPS, the Physics Education Society of Japan, and the National Museum of Nature and Science co-host the "Physics Lab" providing interactive laboratory work experiences for upper elementary and junior high school students.

5. JPS Symposium on Physics Education

This symposium features lectures and discussions for teachers and students involved in physics education.

6. Workshop for Basic Experiments in High-School Physics Classes (Tokyo)

This workshop is organized by JPS and the Association for Physics Education of Japan (APEJ) for physics (science) teachers and students who want to become teachers. It provides opportunities to share knowledge, skills and information that are useful in actual classes.

Donation to the Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics

Join the Physical Society of Japan in "Supporting the Next Generation"

JPS would like to take this opportunity to request your support in helping us to continue and develop the Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics.

Regular Members

Annual membership dues: 12,000 yen

(1) Receive copies of the Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (Butsuri).
(2) Eligible to apply to deliver presentations at JPS meetings.
Visit /english/membership/joining-us.html for more information.

Supporting Members

Annual membership dues: 35,000 yen per unit

(1) Eligible to receive copies of JPSJ and access to JPSJ online (number of copies depend on the number of units purchased), in addition to copies of Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (Butsuri) and Physics Education in University.
(2) Eligible to participate in the Annual Meetings and Autumn (Spring) Meetings at member prices.
(3) Eligible to have member names posted in Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (Butsuri) and on the JPS website.
(4) Eligible to subscribe to JPS publications at member prices.
(5) Eligible to receive discounted prices for corporate exhibitions and other events at JPS meetings.

Exhibitions and Seminars at JPS Meetings

JPS provides opportunities for researchers to interact with a variety of companies at exhibitions on physicochemical equipment and publications, luncheon seminars hosted by companies, joint symposiums, the JPS Career Expo (launched in 2019), and other events at JPS meetings held every spring and autumn. Discounted fees are available for supporting members.

Advertising in Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (Butsuri) 

Publication date: 5th of every month (monthly)
Circulation: Approx. 16,000 copies (monthly average)
Distribution: Members of JPS, others
Size: A4
Advertising fees: From 122,000 yen per page (from 112,000 yen per page for supporting members)

We would like to ask for your kind support in helping us continue our efforts to pass on a passion for physics to the next generation. As sponsors, your company name will be listed in our annual reports and on the JPS website. We can also consider organizing events titled with your company name.

JPS positions the projects under the Promotion Program for Next Generations in Physics to be a part of developing talented human resources that will act as leaders for the future of Japan. Your support is essential in continuing to develop these activities.

JPS is accepting donations for this program from companies, organizations and individuals (starting at 100,000 yen for companies and organizations and 3,000 yen for individuals).*

* We would like to provide opportunities to organize a selection of collaborating events with companies and organizations that are major donors (with donations of 1 million yen or more).

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